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Basics of Jiu-Jitsu

Learn to defend yourself in the real World with the most effective techniques.

You will learn all the Basics of Stand Up Jiu Jitsu, Chokes and Controls.

With this video you also get a complete full color manual as well.





Complete Wrist Locks

These wrist locks have been copied by many major styles and trained to their students because they are so effective.

I studies Aikido for over 15 years and you can learn more about wrist locks in this Video and Manual set than in 15 years of training with a master. It is truly amazing!

It takes a Grandmaster who has trained thousands to transfer this knowledge so simply, and in a way that is easy to understand no matter what your Martial Arts experience level is.




Dr Ted's Jiu Jitsu Seminar

Dr. Ted teaches all the basics in a Great Jiu Jitsu Seminar at the Texas Seminar.

Learn the Mount, Side Control, The Guard, Taking the Back and Stand Up Jiu Jitsu Techniques as only the Grandmaster can teach them.

A Great DVD for all beginners in Ground Jiu Jitsu





When other Martial Arts Masters saw this amazing training they asked why he was letting these secrets out.

Grandmaster Ted Gambordella informed them that the Cane training is essential for people who need a legal self defense tool, to protect themselves in the public and it simply must be taught.

No other weapons instructor so clearly introduces you to this simple to use by highly effective weapon.





Police Jiu-Jitsu

Wow! Is all I can say when I talk about this video. Here you see the very best Police level Martial Arts training ever made.

Now that is a big statement but I stand behind it completely.

Imagine getting to Masters of the Martial Arts into a dojo in front of a Video Camera. Now imagine that on is the Living Legend Grandmaster Gambordella and the other is a Police Specialist.

What you get is literal Martial Arts Magic!



Complete Training in Chokes

This is it! The future of Choke training has just changed forever!Finally released to the public as a part of this certification package. Until now if you wanted this video you had to order it through your Martial Arts Instructor or school. Now it is finally available for purchase here on eBay via this one of a kind certification program.

This too comes with a companion training manual as well.


Secrets of Martial Arts Masters DVD and Book

Wow, now this is a bonus to end all bonuses!

In this set you will learn the secrets to those demonstrations of Martial Arts Masters from around the World.

It takes a legend like Grandmaster Gambordella to teach you the secrets to the most hidden and amazing Martial Arts Talents.

Now you can learn these hidden Masters Secrets for FREE as a special limited time bonus.

You also get the complete manual for free as well.






Wrestling 101

Dr. Ted's son Teddy, 4 times State Wrestling Champion in Texas teaches all the basics of wrestling take down, stances and training techniques.

You can't beat your opponent on the ground if you don't take them down, and Wrestling has the most effective takedowns in the World.

Teddy and the Grandmaster take you through a basic class in Wrestling Takes downs and also some great exercises to get into Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu Shape.

Yes this comes with a EBook Manual



Secrets of Kickboxing

With World Champion Troy Dorsey

Now this is a major bonus.  Dr. Ted's is close personal friends with Martial Arts Legend Troy Dorsey. The Only  man to hold a World Boxing Title and World Kick Boxing Title at the Same Time.

Master Dorsey teaches the Secrets of Kick Boxing. Everything you need to know to Win the Stand Up Fight.

Now you can get the same information for FREE with your certification.


Seven Second Self Defense System

The Most Effective, Easiest to Learn Self  Defense System in the World. 

You will learn exactly what to do in the Vital First Seven Seconds of any attack

You will learn it in minutes and use it for a lifetime.  A DVD, a Book and a "Gambretta" stick






Master the TONFA


Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

The Tonfa is so effective it is carried by most Police forces in America and the World. It is easy to learn, easy to use and extremely powerful.

Almost 20 years ago I wrote one of the first instructional books on the Tonfa and it is still in print 20 years later. The popularity of the Tonfa has grown and grown, so that now it is one of the most Popular and used Martial Arts Weapons in the World, and for good reason. IT WORKS.

 I will show you dozens of techniques for using the real Tonfa to stop any attack, and control any aggressor.  It is a Martial Arts weapon you will use and enjoy for a lifetime.





 Master The Nunchaku

Featuring   Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

Everyone loves the Nunchaku but not everyone knows how to use them to their full deadly power. The Nunchakus are so deadly that they out ILLEGAL to carry in most States.  Even in the hands of a total beginning in the Martial Arts they can be used with devastating effect.   I will show you how to use Real Nunchakus and how to use the lighter Tournament Nunchakus and even show some proven Winning Tournament Kata's with one and 2 Nunchaku.



 Master the BO

Featuring   Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

The BO has become very popular these days as the "show" weapon of choice for many young Kata practitioners, but many people don't know  it is really a Deadly Weapon.  When used correctly and in the hands of a trained Martial Artist it is almost impossible to Stop.

I will show you how to use a Real Bo and Real Bo techniques, using a heavy Bo, and I will also teach you how to use the "show Bo" or tournament Bo, along with some great proven Winning Tournament Kata's.  Everything you always wanted to know about the Bo you will find in this DVD.





  Stretch Tube Exercises

I am been exercising, lifting weights and going to the Dojo or Health Club for 45 years and I don't intend to stop now that I am 58, but sometimes I can't get to the Health Club or I am traveling and don't have a Health Club near. So I always take a Stretch Tube with me, everywhere I go, and always have on in my car. So that anywhere at anytime I can get exercise and keep in shape. 

I get a Full Body workout and exercise every muscle group using my Stretch Tubing Exercise Program. All done with one simple little Stretch Tube in about 30 minutes

You will be amazed at the effectiveness of the Stretch Tube and the incredible number of Stretch Tube exercises found on this DVD. You will find exercises for any age, sex or physical condition. And now when you can't go to the Health Club you can Take the Club with you





Total Self Defense training for Women. You will learn to use the Seven Second Self Defense System. You will learn escapes, counters, releases, and how to use the Gambretta to defend yourself against any defender of any size.

A one hour clinic for women of all ages.



 The Ultimate AB Workout

This is the Best AB workout you have ever seen, done by someone who has PROVEN it works for 58 Years.

I didn't just wake up and think of some good AB exercises, this is the program that I have used for over 40 years, I am 58 years old and I have some of the BEST ABS in the World, not just for a 58 year old, but for Anyone.

I will show you an AB routine that WORKS and will make your ABS look Great for a Lifetime.

Crunches, Jackknifes, leg lifts, twists, sit downs, side crunches, back crunches, over 20 AB exercises that take you from Flab to Great ABS




 Secrets of Flexibility and  Stretching

Flexibility and Stretching that will Last a Lifetime!

I am 58 years old and I am still just as flexible as I was when I was 20 years old. Time and time again I see Martial Arts teachers and students who can't even touch their toes, and who complain that they "just aren't flexible" or they are "too old" to be flexible.  WRONG.

You can be flexible not matter what your age and I will show you almost 100 stretches that will improve your flexibility dramatically. They are easy to do, won't hurt you and can be done for a Lifetime.

If you are not as flexible as you would like or need to be this DVD is made just for you.




Basic Knife Techniques

 All the basics of using the Knife for Self Defense. Throws, blocks, carries, counters.



 Master Belt and Rope Training

 Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

You will learn to use your Karate Belt or a Rope as a Deadly Weapon

Many people do not realize why the karate belt is so Long? It is not long just for looks. It is long because it can be used as a Weapon for self defense. And it can be used as a Deadly Weapon to Stop any attack.

I will show you step by step dozens of techniques to use the rope to stop an attack, and to control you attacker. You will be amazed by the Power of your Belt and the control you can have over your opponents using your belt, or a rope.  Whenever I go to any karate class I always walk in wearing my belt around my neck, so that I have it ready to any surprise attack.  

Escrima Sticks

Learn to use the Escrima Sticks for self defense and personal protections. Includes a Kata. 




The End of Injury


 Learn the Secrets to Preventing Athletic Injuries.  The same program Grandmaster Ted Taught to 10 Universities and Professional Teams. 








GGrandmaster Ted Gambordella

Everyone gets older but you don't have to get "old". You can be strong, vibrant, dynamic, flexible, powerful, healthy for LIFE!


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